Thursday, February 4, 2010

After so long :D

Hello people, i'm back for 2010!!
i know its been Super duper luper long since i blogged
but i will update u about me this year

well, i'm in 4 Be(r)lian
with 80% of the same students as 3 Kiambang..

well life's been hectic..
Scouts, Ye, Club, Rumah Sukan, Tuitions.
hopefully i can cope by February as i'm super exhausted already..
if it doesnt get better, FML

well, speaking about scouts, now i've gotta do the Jaya Diri badge.
and there's interview tmr.. wish me luck!

well wanna visit my school's YE club?
click here----->Pink Hippo

well.. i guess thats all for now, AH!
before i forget, i'll need to set up this countdown widget. a secret lies in it :D