Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hello minions..
and devraj.
dev here's something to read other than HARI RAYA :D
well seems like a zillion years since i last blogged..

wanna know whats up?
*you people prolly go NOOO*

but this is MY blog so live with it :D

well since its after final term holidays are just around the corner HAVE STARTED

so yes final term was a walk in the park quite hard/easy :P

so exam's over time to stress for scouts! whoop tee doo....

wad u think of


patrol name :D


oh if u haven't heard about my Halloween joke here it is :D

Caution: Proceed at your own risk

The name halloween came about when once upon a time in a kingdom far far away,
there was a town called the T.O.W.N. ok lets skip all this bullshit.

the wind said HI. ~HELLO WIND~
hopefullly your fast enough to get it :D

ah so frigging bored.........

okay maybe i wasn't mean to blog long.
so till next time

watch smallville! :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Millennium!

WHHEEEEE *boooooo*
First of all,
!!!!!!! SELAMAT HARI RAYA !!!!!!!
to those who celebrate altho its kinda late to wish now
so anyways i'm gonna reward you readers who comes here! :D

thanks for the intro jensen :D

awesome song lar
well exams are super near and the teachers actually havent finished teaching at all..
oh my. but what the heck.
well i'm actually running out of things to say now.. hahaha
have you seen the scouts MERDEKA Gadget?
you can do pumpings on it too :D

well check out Purevolume alot of unsigned bands there who are good :D
have you heard Kesha's new song? sounds like BerryCraze's Land Named Wah.
ok i've run out of things to say..
OH watch family guy:D
Grown Ups is the most EPIC comedy movie ever!!!!
it really is

till next time,


Monday, June 7, 2010

to the moon and beyond! :D

welll cant remember when was the last time i updated...
so welcome back! :D

well basicly
for now..

so lets enjoy it while it lasts alrite?

im prety sure things will get boring if you dont have anything to do.

so yeah
go watch annoying orange or something. haha

so basicly its gonna be a scout holiday season again
which means logbooks and more logbooks.....

oh well
sunway trip here i come! :D

i guess that all for now?
my left eye have issues.... geez.

ok till next time