Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday & CNY

its my birthday today YAY! *i'm no saddist who celebrates with himself alone okay!*
thanks for the presents from you guys xD
thanks for the lunch kels*i'll belanja you back!*
thanks to Mrs Chuah for her RM 5 AngPow/Birthday present! thanks to Jia Hong's present
thanks to family's present? and to lots more....

im tired
havent start homework.. GG!


do you know that Pn Rohaizah's Kong Kong is chinese>.
May all of you have LOADS of ang pows
DON'T PLAY MORE play fireworks!!!

i should start my homework now....
Bye bye!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Panic At The Disco vs Fall Out Boy

Hitz fm is playing I Write Sins Not Tragedies.....
Love this song but so dam long never hear already

well, i have loads of homework to finish. what about you?

actually i don't know what i'm talking about now..

so...2nd week and i'm relying on nescafe to keep me up...
thats really bad..
everyday i come home i feel super tired
but i don't sleep in the afternoon
sivik project has come!YAY NOOOOO!!!!!!

oh well thats school life..

oh welll
Fall out boy is coming to MALAYSIA SINGAPORE!!!!
well i think this is their new song.
america's suiteheart

im bored and i don't know what to type.
*mind is blank seriously blank*

okay i think i should stop this post to nt bore you . go have fun
bang a wall or something.
2+2=1 <----hidden msg


Thursday, January 15, 2009


stole a break from school work and homework
mayb they are the same...
conclusion form 3 is tiring =.=
didn't use com for some time now...
and that sucks..
continue later


Sunday, January 11, 2009

‘The Rise of the Lycans starts Jan 09′

‘The Rise of the Lycans starts Jan 09′

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years

so i shall try to put more photos as uploading is freaking slow

on new years eve i went to 1 Utama / Curve
with william, tanu, aik jean and weng wai
so we went there at 7 and looked for weng wai
then we walked around
so.. we happen to cross this yellow privilege thing by Digi
so we ask wats it abt they told us VIP spot for the concert
so we were like ohhhhh
den we couldnt go pass there so we went to another exit at new wing to go to the taxi stand part
well its was kinda funny
bcuz we found where to get the VIP passes
and i think 1 number only 1 pass but the lady asked me
Lady Me
How many people attending the party?
*thinks* 6!
wow thats alot but here you go
*wow liddet oso can shud ask for more*

LOL dam funny
then we went in the VIP place
there were free wristband colour in the dark thinggy
FREE and u can have as many as you want..
weng wai in hand cuffs
the masked people
Cool rite?
so then there was a fire performance
dam bloody cool

and there was some music performance too
moving on...
then we decided to wait for Nigel
so weng wai had to go curve to meet up with his skool mates
so we will meet him later
then we were too bored so we walked to curve.
then comes the fun part
some kid sprayed me for nth
so we went and buy spray cans and played
met a lot of ppl there
so we were hungry mayb not we but I was certainly hungry
so we went to buy hot dog
*you may have heard this story loads of times but i'm still gonna tell*
so we were lining up to buy
then suddenly some a lady infront of me left
so i was chatting with William so i stopped and i was going to
sambung the line then suddenly
some fat mother of 2-3 kids come and stood infront of me
so i was like WTH?!!
but i didnt shout it out
Me FatAunty
err cik boleh beratur tak?
*walk to the line behind to line up*
abit the wtf rite?
scolding me for nothing
but then tanu's line was shorter so wen went there to buy hotdog
hmm delicious
so then we walked out and waited for countdown by playing with the spray
then we gave up=lost the spray fight
so we went back to 1u for the countdown
fire works rocks from near
I finally can record the video to youtube
here's the video

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


okay that shud be enough i think
I shall check if there need to be anymore pictures uploaded

pictures will talk

Bye Bye

school starts tomorrow T.T