Thursday, April 30, 2009

I don't deserve this. rite?

I'm basicly gonna vent out all my frustration here.

after so long, i thought that maybe just maybe i could try again,
but then he joined tuition. he became ur "answers".
i cant say anything can i?
when u asked me i was upset abt that. Of course i was.
u asked me why? if i'd explained it things will proly get akward.
if i could tell you my reason, i would have told u that i still like you alot although many months have passed.
i even reduced swearing since u hated it so much.
then people come telling me. you're holding his hand.
i try not to mind so much but i guess all i can do is look away.
i may seem quiet these days thats just because i can't think of anything to say.
i guess all of these is useless now.
if he makes u happy, go ahead.

i still won't ignore you :)

if you were asking these questions that time, hope its answered.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


hello i seem to be flooding my blog with nonsence these days
well i have a picture to share. its very cute/amusing/nice/ilikethisgirl/awesome looks cute to me..~MOO*alien version*~

well well, ee chong finally let me use his super keng hai canggih camera.. wheee so fun
i'll post the nice pic i took soon...

i haven't start my homework.. i am so lazy
sometimes i even wonder why i am still in the best class..
i get lazier and lazier to do my work..
project oso steal peoples wan haihz

james neva on9 a few days d
so sien no wan to spam...

sophie told me she updating her blog..
so i went to bathe and now oso she not done

try listening to this song

its called "Kristy, are you doing okay?" by The Offspring

now i agree with other people that good songs are usually sang by bad looking singers..


even if you beat me to death, i still like this girl xD

Friday, April 24, 2009


well, i am so bored so i will set a goal.
i will start to study!! *echoes* *echoes* *echoes*

well thats what i always say but in the end i probably end up in facebook or msn or just listening to music.
exams are *coming soon* starts with BM (hell) and ends with BM (hell) too.. so sad
they just want to pulverize our lives like ovaries and style and Abraham Lincoln im so lost in this sentence.

Moving on~ my sis had a really nice lanyard. and i wanted it so her friend gave it to me
it says ruumz
freaking awesome.. its black, and its basically cool to me.

im running out of ideas...
well wanna hear a super lame joke? i think some people have heard this
here goes

what do you say when a few black people are on the moon?

what do you say when a lot of black people are on the moon?

what do you say when ALL the black people are on the moon?
Problem Solved!!

haha probably some of you readers will be like WTH? LAME DOU!!!
or mayb wtf?
who knows? humans are weird..

so i just want to say that this post is soo empty... lol

there's rally and memandu orang tmr.
i better brin
g a camera..
i hate my internet

I play games at

have you heard take it home by white tie affairs?
not bad quite nice.
ok blog another time..


half way there..slow down pls?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ba Bi Que?

Christine's house rocks
and her brother hates me
i think i know why now
i gain a new enemy XD
Brian Tee lets cek chao
hope he doesnt read this post woot

BBQ was hell of a fun
lets play with BBQ utensils again next time
right john? XD

okays enuff said

my leg hurts.
curse you brick...


I'm a stealer..woot

haha just now i went tesco
then after shopping to goods i went to buy some stuff
so there were two trolleys but my sister transfered everything into one trolley
so i didnt know and when we went to the car park she asked me
whose trolley u pushing?
den i say ours lar who else wan? zzz
den she say we only got one trolley lar all put into one d...
i was like omfg den i faster push up and put back where i took it from

today is so hot.
pls rain


Friday, April 17, 2009


Today was damn stupid...
i was claimed by some other teacher that
me and vic are "husband and wive"
this is what happened...

i sat infront the class line with vic
so then got some boring perhimpunan
and i started to throw stuff at her..
then after that... i started punch massaging her
so then after a few minutes a teacher came and scold us
we were like wth? wat happen?
then she was like you two husband and wive ar?
no shame wan ar? in the public samo that sumthing like wad she said lar
so we didnt answer cos we were gonna laugh
after she went away we laughed like mad
den i told vic hmm mayb she is the one who has probelms with her husband so she jealous or sumthing
ok thats abt it..
there was something else i wanna blog about but i forgot wad was it abt oh well

Vida La Vida Rocks!
Hell Yea.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Have you people heard
Don't Trust Me
if you haven't, i'll let you hear it here..

i think this is the real

oh well now, i am so freaking bored....
went ice skating today...
yi yuan is so dam rich..
he celebrate his birthday
oh well
im so lazy to do school work...
got homework la got project got this got that...
think oso sien d...
oh well....
oo i have a msg...wait i check phone 1st..
ok done..

actually right.. i think alot of people went for the D.A. showcase...
i mean like school frens...
i noe sophie went. i think aik went. erm and a few more people lar

some just like his face not the song.. or the song and not the face...
ahhaha sad guy..

okay la this post is going no where so i better stop to prevent BOREDOM =D

i didnt mean to insult any david archie fans okay
so dun come and whack me when you see me..