Saturday, October 31, 2009

Post Of The Century!! *POTC*

As the title may tell you,
I, Lim WeiC Eric have REACH MY 100th POST!!!!!

Lets celebrate with a little cute ness =)

I bet you people went

Besides the cute-ness,

Today happens to be HALLOWEEN!!! *plays spooky music*

In conjunction to that,

All American Rejects concert is today!
WHEEEEEEEEEEEE *acts like yee vonne when she saw cheeserland* xD


i'm gonna take loads of photos!! if i can XD

if you ever see aik jean, just say "plaster" =)


okay i guess i forgot wad i wanted to blog about.
oh well.. there are many more to come =)

XOXO hate me hate me!!! XD *someone's version*


Friday, October 30, 2009


what if grass cutters went around cutting grass and they hit the dog poo.


okay not gonna waste your time XD

yee vonne met the cheeserland blogger today..
aint she super happy?
she went eeeeeee its her!!!!
ky was there too.
i'm pretty sure that kept her happy for the whole day.

as for aik jean, nah i wont say ;)


All American Rejects is TOMORROW!!!!!!!

aren't you EXCITED!!!
i know i am =) =D :) :D xD x)

okay... 100th post coming soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Piano ism.

random topic. meaningless

Flash Mob =)

i call it carbon X hahahah

seem so odd... i'm updating day after day.... tiring larh....

more flash mob pictures are


ok thats about it.. tired =)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still going strong =)

Hell ain't in a better mood than i am..

i'm pissed and annoyed

or maybe it the same meaning

but who gives a fu#k? not me.

but lets get to business people. i got a new tag line.

sounds a little gay but annoying =)

*xoxo you know u hate me ;)*

it came up so randomly...

and i managed to get those hearing me say that annoyed

hehe sorry to yee vonne? hahaha

well.. i'm gonna blog about....... hmm


Dom's potluck :)

it was a gloomy day, when people started gathering at this jungle-themed house at a place called

these people were slightly whacked you see..

but as soon as these inhumane beings arrived,

a meteor struck earth and 2012 was cut short...........................


i'm a good story teller not? but i do know one thing, you can get lamer than me =)


ok la... pictures u can get from




or... i'll upload it when justin give it to me =)

blame him not me xD

okay... maybe this isn't as long as i'd imagine... but it's worth a shot=)

and check out Fall Out Boy's new song at my music player. ALPHA DOG!

check out the young Eric Lim

and don't we all hate to be hanging?
like: hey! you know that. oh nvm

that f#$king sucks

so let give my new tag line a try

xoxo you know you hate me,


Friday, October 23, 2009

Mufflers 2

here's the video!
after so long =)

well tommorow there's gonna be a flashmob! to save the enviroment?
JOIN IN! =))))

argh lazy update....

long update coming soon.
i promise =)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mission Impossible...................NOT

guess what!
me, soon and james got a job.
the boss was awesome but his wife was strict...

although it may seem very far still but i might be going to Penang for a wedding..
WHO ON EARTH Marries during Christmas???!!!

wanna know something real random?

i have this aim or a plan or wtv u call it.

1. collect a hundred 50 cent coins during this holiday.

there might be more things but this is it for now =)

moving on....

went to dom's potluck last night.

it was fun and i mean FUN all the food was there and we started playing rugby?

photo's will steal from who ever that took pictures.
Justin, Kiru, Vonne?

ok i guess thats it for now.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Read this =)

American Rejects anyone?
finally got the tickets from Digi!!
don't the yellow man just rock? XD

this looks gay..... LOL

okay enough yellow people...

moving on----->>>>

so how has freedom been for all the PMR Grads?
hope you all have fun?

Don't work!!!!!
less competition for a job XD

2 months or almost 3 to go! :D

ok i'll upload the tickets picture another time
this is my longggggg post! surely beat yee vonne's post!! :D

ok time to lazy around =)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PMR is Finally Over!!!!!!!
sorry it took me this long to say this.

i was busy =D

so what's next?

i know! change my bloggy

BK045K086- a number i'll remember for this whole year..
what colour??
green? white? or PINK?
oh well.

time cleanse this blog from darkness.
ok renovation time!!