Friday, July 31, 2009

Must I always get this clue-less situation?


The All American Rejects-I Wanna

Boys Like Girls-Love Drunk

I Absolutely Love These Songs!
Well.. wish i could get tickets for the MTV World Stage...
The All American Rejects, Boys Like Girls and many more will be there...
dang.. imagine if Fall Out Boy came...

Besides... PMR is really coming fast... Trials too
and honestly... i am really scared of BM..
my dad screws me everytime he sees me at the com..
haih. i really should get studying...
okay.. guess this is it for now..

i dont know if you would read this, but i feel lost.
i just am.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

something about you makes me happy

i did something so ridiculous that it makes me laugh when i think about it
i drank brands essences.. the chicken flavor wan.
if some of you may say its okay wadd
but NO.. its not okay.. i dint heat it up..
taste like oil... urgh..

oh well

moving on..
do you think people really mean it when they say
"you get so many injuries until I don't want to bother anymore"*with a smile*
what do you think?

put that aside

moving on...
so report card day tomoro...
stupid SMKDUSKK give the result slip already still wan have open day...
very free ar?
i heard vic told me that pn azidah is gonna shoot abt me to my dad
hope i wont get into trouble...

thats for now..
CHAOS *ciao*

Friday, July 17, 2009

what a day....

so have you heard about the porno seller in my school?
one indian guy wait at the side gate to sell porn mags..
heard he was caught and sent to the police station today.

well.. today is a rough day..
not much happened.
maybe i think too much?
who knows.

Harry Potter's new movie coming out.
anyone watching?
i feel that the harry potter trend isn't as hot as it used to be..
maybe their new movie took a little too long to come?
who knows..

so bored these days..
have you heard this song?
Knock you Down by Keri Hilson feat. Ne-yo and Kanye W.
dam nice....
since im super free now.. i'll post the song on my blog =)

omg.. this sucks... youtube say the video restricted in this country..

too bad... go dl the song.

okay. i'll stop here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


today was alrite.
i managed to gather all my guts for something.

well, sports can be very dangerous.
take a look at me.
im injured like most of the time?

injuries aside,
today was rather... slow i suppose?
the school feeling went very oddly..
idk why.

hmm today they finally put up the countdown thing..
kinda stupid
if i were them, i would start from 100 days
not 86 DAYS..
this year seems to have passed VERY fast..
i still could remember when were we're starting form 3.
we all say eh pmr this year. stress bo?
all will say no larr.. so long more nth wan...
now, EIGHTY SIX DAYS! WTHell....

alrite i guess i will stop here.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Silly You =)

well well
first of all, i would like to congratulate JAMES Chong and his duet-er, JESSICA Chan
for making it to the finals....
yay! goo! jia you!! *cheers* haha

okay moving on..

BB campfire.. or Bukit Bintang CF.
shud i go?
well ee chong, i agree with william. if aik jean go then i also go lar.
no transport. besides, i think i told my dad this when i wnated to go for Samad's CF

Eric: I wan go lar.. its the LAST campfire. so whats wrong?
My Dad gave his signature no reply which means okay or yes or sure you may_____.

so now if i ask him,
Eric: Dad, can i go BB campfire? i promise this will be the last one =D and i need 6 bucks. can larrr ok?
will this line work? pls comment abt it. XD

today is the most special day of my life.
yea i think i know what im talking abt.
you too.
its 9/7/09
interesting date.
well.. i can assure that this is only the beginning of something?

wont let myself down in the future. im gonna be as BOLD as the phantom of the opera guy..
maybe not too bold.
well i think thats about it.


i do agree with you.
time does fly very awesomely.
silly you XD

Friday, July 3, 2009


its been awhile people.
since i haven't updated in a while,
i'm gonna tell you all about my life for the past few days

well RECENTLY my class didn't want to go for science.
so some drama happened..
interesting story XD
ask the whole kiambang. they know about it :)

moving on~~

watch transfomers yet?
you should its one hell of an awesome show XD
with Megan Fox. Nice cars. Funny story parts.
don't miss the show.

so... its already july.
PMR? very soon?
i heard a lot of people asking each other
"have u started studying?"

so me and james started this thing
that if we swear we get whacked.
so instead of getting whack.
we created a new word.
WTE !!! *echoes*
the word's so funny.
it gives people the WT EFFF look..
cool eh?
I even have suggestions to say WHAT THE HEAVEN?
thanks for the suggestion tho :)
you know who you are.

well its been a while since i blogged this much.
if you are smart enough. you can click my ads =X

haha okays till next time,


WTE stands for what the earth.
only lame people like me and james will know why its funny.