Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Millennium!

WHHEEEEE *boooooo*
First of all,
!!!!!!! SELAMAT HARI RAYA !!!!!!!
to those who celebrate altho its kinda late to wish now
so anyways i'm gonna reward you readers who comes here! :D

thanks for the intro jensen :D

awesome song lar
well exams are super near and the teachers actually havent finished teaching at all..
oh my. but what the heck.
well i'm actually running out of things to say now.. hahaha
have you seen the scouts MERDEKA Gadget?
you can do pumpings on it too :D

well check out Purevolume alot of unsigned bands there who are good :D
have you heard Kesha's new song? sounds like BerryCraze's Land Named Wah.
ok i've run out of things to say..
OH watch family guy:D
Grown Ups is the most EPIC comedy movie ever!!!!
it really is

till next time,