Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holidays or Study Break?

well..which is it?
holidays want to enjoy also cannot..
have to study...
what type of holidays are these man.....

Did you know there are a bunch of Manga's that are coming out as Anime's
Finally i get to watch Fairy Tail..

Did you know i play the piano?

i realise i have been walking alot..
yesterday i walked home from soon's house...
today i walked to dom's house and walked back...

since im 10 post away from my Post of the Century,
i'll crap something for this post today.

lazy update lar..
next time then!

on All American Rejects spree now.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Haha.. guess what..
maybe a lot of people experience this.
open the BM paper and look at the last page
then i went OH F%$#!
i forgot the contoh..
more like Panic! At The Classroom
well yeah.. forgot my simile....GG ness..
oh well screw that the HOLS are here.

i forgot something again..
nevermind if i do remmeber i'll post it.

Adios and good luck!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, it seems that i only slept 8 hours after all those jumping and shouting and pushing.
what an experience.
what am i talking about you say?
This is what i'm talking about.
with my favorite bands taking part in this event.
one hell of a party!
although i don't really like Kasabian

guess what?
my dad tried calling me 12 times.
no wonder he was pissed when he could finally get through.
the reception was terrible... your reception bar will be full, but you can't sms or receive sms same thing for calls...

my whole body's still aching..
with all those fat bitches potatos pushing you, you just have to fight back right?

i'm speechless, i can't describe what happened...
it was too crazy awesome rocking fun concert!

oh did i mention you could see chicks there?
pretty ones, hot ones, mixed race ones, practically majority international school people lar.
you get what i mean.

okays.. guess thats about it. i'm too tired to type..
nearly got cramp 5 times.. not fun.

good morning!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


nazween you just rocked my world.
thanks for the TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Well... it seems that its august now.
PMR very soon;
There's scouts MK;
MTV but no tickets;

it seems like so much has happened in 8 months.

at first we all will say
PMR this year, but no need study wan lar.. so long more...
then when june comes, aiyah.. still got alot of time wad...
and finally, wah lao eh.. 50+ more days nia? GG.

well.. push PMR aside, i gotta post to write XD

hmm.. well have u tried going to school late before?
as in really late?
quite fun..
i reached school at 9+ today.
missed a couple of periods.
but then, AGAIN the new white book was taken by MR. X and they disappeared.
so i had to find Pn. Loh and she still remembered that i lost one book earlier.
so she charged me 10 bucks...
zzz not my fault also.

have you heard Panic At the Disco's new single?
New Perspective
Not too bad. Not too awesome too.

okays i guess thats enough for one post XD


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bad luck

well. you wanna know how i feel right now?
listen to this song

i feel like im in a movie.
something something a series of unfortunate events. cant remember the title
like when you play bowling. you get a strike you feel dam happy?
my type of strike is the worst of all kinds.

i'll need some time.
shit happens.
but its life and life gives us all its mess.
i just have nothing left to say, express or even feel.
I'm like an empty box.
at least i didn't lose a friend.


Thursday, August 6, 2009


First things first

i lost my wallet with my ic, medical card and some cash...
i wanna apologies to the people who bought me the wallet as a present..
i'm really sorry. =(


I love you dad.

im starting to put hidden words all over..

i am feeling so off today....
so many things happened.
or maybe not

i think thats about it.
but what i want to let out is not finish. i guess i'll stop here.